3 Mistakes You Are Probably Making When it Comes to Growing Your Fans on Instagram

Today in Q&A Tuesday we explore Instagram. The number of questions I got about Instagram was crazy! The theme was all the same. How do I grow my fan base. Not a bad idea to do this as we don't know the fate of Facebook and its every changing algorithm.

Watch here as I point out the 3 mistakes I keep seeing being made on Instagram.

1. Not using Instagram Stories. 

Instagram has just given us a whole new platform to reach our fans and push our fantastic content. Go check it out. Follow people in your industry doing an awesome job and then do what they are doing!

2. Not using hashtags. 

Please, please, please use hashtags with your Instagram posts. Don't think it makes a difference with reaching new fans? Then do a test for me. Post one photo without hashtags and one with and then look at the insights. 

3. Still using a personal page instead of a business page and not utilizing the description space as CTA (okay maybe that is 4 but it is kind of the same).

CTA's in Instagram business go from 1 in the personal page to 3. You can direct them to your store, website or email.....then have another link to have them sign up (or use Linketree, like I do

And have several links to direct people where they want to go!  

I hope you enjoyed my special guest in my blog...she usually joins me in my Q&A Tuesdays so if you want to see our dynamic duo show again tune in every Tuesday on my Facebook Page around 3pm (after school time of course!) 

Turn On Facebook Notifications

Well the day has come. I was hoping the rumors I heard all of 2017 would not come true but they are. I am going to build a series here for you on the blog on how to make sure your Fans are stilling seeing posts from you as Facebook navigates through this change. 

This post is something you will need to educate your fans on about making sure they are following your page and clicking see first so you show up in your newsfeed! Even after the changes coming for Facebook.