Welcome to Week 1

Are you all in?

If you are a DIY marketer looking to enhance your skills and take your marketing to the next level without the cost of a outside agency or the time of hiring a staff of marketers then week one is the right fit for you! This week we will explore more indepth the day to day of the 5 Day Challenge. These steps will set your foundation in your marketing. I encourage you to come back here anytime you add new marketing content to your plan.

Day 1

This is the day if you really didn’t complete the self audit in the challenge you need to do it plus more.

It is time to decide where you want to be online and update those platforms.

Day 4

You really do need to look at your marketing in terms of 12 months. Getting all of these national days to work for you is one reason why!

Day 2

Completing a SWOT analysis with yourself or your team is the only way to truly find out where the opportunities for future growth can come from.

If you completed it here, in the 5 day challenge then day 2 of Week 1 is where you will explore those items more in depth and prepare your priority list for your objectives to your campaigns.

Day 5

You are ready to hit the ground running…right?

But what about employee and board buy in?

These folks can be your best marketers (and most of the time are looking for ways to help talk about your organization/brand).

Download the template to get all of your team on board!

Day 3

Making sure we are all in the same page…repeat after me.

“Everyone is not my target audience”

Niche marketing as we saw in the demographics activity in the 5 Day challenge, we can really segment our audiences into those customers we want to work with every single day.

Today we will take those key pieces and create a buyer persona.