Welcome to Week 6

Tying all of your work together with content!

Content is king and for the DIY marketer it is key to success. Your tools could be outdated, and not easy to use but if your content is on point then you can still see results!

Day 1

Content Marketing may be a buzz word right now but it is serious business when it comes to reaching a new digital audience!

Get all the facts in todays video.

Activity: Make a list of 10 things you can continuous share on your social sites that your audience wants to know about. Keep it simple.

Day 4

In a content rut? Here are 30 Days of my favorite content ideas!

Activity: Take a look at your content calendar and see if there is any blanks in the next 30 days. Take a look at these ideas and see how they can work for you!

Day 2

Integrate what you are already doing in marketing/advertising into your social media marketing strategy.

Activity: Decide what you can take offline and put it online. I challenge you to do it today!


Day 5

Why make things harder than they are. Learn to keep things simple!

Activity: Pick one item from the list and start writing content around it.

Day 3

Your plan is only as good as your ability to implement. Click below for a 2019 Content Calendar.

Activity: Download the calendar and start filling in the blanks!