Welcome to Week 4

Knowing your tools is only half the battle. Content is king and video content is HOT!

It is time to step out from behind the still photos and short concise text and into the world of 30 second (or less videos), glimpse of behind the scenes and push and plow, instant stories! Get ready to show your brand to the world!

Day 1

Social Media Video Made Simple

Prep work makes for better video!

Part 1

Activity: Make a list of 3-5 ideas you could make into videos.

Day 4

Create videos by adding your cell phone video to a slide show video for a professional feel.

Activity: Upload a cell phone video to Adobe Spark and add branding to make it long enough for a Facebook Cover Photo (aka 20-90 seconds)

Day 2

Social Media Videos Made Simple Part 2

Learn the ends and outs of my favorite voice over app.

Activity: Start writing your first script. Remember it needs to have a beginning, middle and end plus a strong call to action!


Day 5

Reusing Video Checklist.

You did all that work…now what! Reuse that video.

Click below to find my favorite (simple) ways to reuse content.

Activity: Set up one way you can reuse your Video.

Day 3

Videos Made Simple Checklist

Uncover the before, during and after of successful social media videos.

Activity: Commit to checking at least one thing off your checklist this week as you start your process of creating video.