Welcome to Week 5

Do you ever wonder if there are some sites out there that magically make it easier for people to create good content and get it out to the masses? There is. But it isn’t magic!

Day 1

My favorite apps and programs I use to create visual content.

Activity: Play around with Canva.com or adobespark.com to create a graphic with your favorite quote. Tag me so I can see it @wvsocialmedia

Day 4

Tired of coming up with expert content?

I have a great resource to share!

Activity: Give the free trial a test run. I used it on LinkedIn and LOVED the results. Set up 30 days of content (scheduled and with your industry in mind) then let it work its magic!

Day 2

Here is a run down of all the apps I love!

Activity: Pick a app from the list download it and play around. Tell me over in the Academy Facebook Group what you loved (or hated about it).

Day 5

Ready to automate your social media efforts?

Check out my rundown of the program I use to schedule Twitter, LinkedIn and YES Instagram!

Activity: Give it a try, schedule a Instagram post and set back and watch!

Day 3

Not seeing all of your notifications for Facebook and Instagram? Make sure you are using the right app…but I have the Facebook app. Is it just for pages?

Activity: Download Facebook Pages