Welcome to Week 3

Knowing your tools is only half the battle. Content is king and video content is HOT!

It is time to step out from behind the still photos and short concise text and into the world of 30 second (or less videos), glimpse of behind the scenes and push and plow, instant stories! Get ready to show your brand to the world!

Day 1

Facebook Live

Before you even start your Facebook Live check out this must do checklist of the BEFORE, DURING and AFTER you jump on a Facebook Live

Activity: Make a list of 3-5 items you could do a live video of or about. Put that list somewhere you will see it every day.

Day 4

Instagram Live/Stories Checklist of the Before, During and After

Activity: Get ready for your first live. Test it out find the right spot for the best light, audio, etc. Tell us over in the Academy when you are going to go live and we’ll join in!

Day 2

Facebook Stories

Will the trend catch on? Are they helping brand with more exposure? What about the algorithm all those answers and more below.

Activity: Take the leap and share a post as a Facebook Story. Look at the insights before the 24 hours is up! Is it worth it to keep it up? Compare it to your post.

Day 5


If you are already creating videos…why not share them here?

Activity: Share one of the videos you created on IGTV.

Day 3

Instagram Stories Updates

It is time to stand out on Instagram with stories. People are scrolling the newsfeeds as much but watching stories insights are higher than ever. Learn to be strategic and planned with IG stories!

Activity: Post your first story (or your 100th) and use one of the new features like polls or questions to gauge engagement!