Welcome to Week 2

Did you have a chance to look at your marketing efforts? I mean really look at them?

Week 1 set the base for the rest of the Academy. Week 2 we are diving into the 2 most popular social media platforms out there. After week 1 you should be able to confidently say, if you should be or do not need to be using, one or more of these platforms.

Day 1

Facebook Events are the secret ingredient to many face to face events. Make sure you have all the right before, during and after completed to make a profitable event!

Day 4

Hashtags….use them or not? How to use them? When to use them?

So many questions.

Check out my checklist for your hashtag success!

Day 2

Instagram doesn’t have to be complicated! Learn how I am making it simple from the ground up!


Day 5

Facebook Ads uncovered. Don’t think ads work for you? Then take a peak at todays training to make sure you have all your t’s and i’s crossed and dotted!

Day 3

I know you have to be tired of the algorithm. I am! Here you can find my 5 best ways to beat it….everyday!



Facebook Groups have gotten a make over and here are some 10 great tips to find your way in Facebook groups!