You're already a VIP! Let's make it official.

VIP Days were introduced in 2016 and netted my clients great results. Six organizations finished a full or half-day intensive session with nearly an entire year's full of consistent, creative content and more clients are taking advantage of this opportunity every year! 

Kristin and a client on a VIP Day

Kristin and a client on a VIP Day

VIP Days are for:

* Organizations struggling to find time to create content and post consistently on social media.

* Organizations that feel like they are doing everything right but are still not seeing the results they want.

* Organizations that need to find more time in their days.

* Organizations that are ready to see results.

* Organizations that are ready for a solution to their marketing needs.


How do I get started?

First, you will need to apply. Not everyone who is interested in VIP Days is ready for a VIP Day {but don't worry - we will help get you the skills, training and planning you need to get you there if you are a potential good fit for this program, with Pre-VIP Days!}.

By clicking the apply button,  you will answer a few questions to help me get to know your organization and your needs better. I will then give you a call to chat about what type of VIP day is right for you, when we should do it, and who should be involved!


What are my Vip options and how much does it cost?

You choose: Half Day or Full Day
You choose: Face-to-Face or Virtual

Pricing will be discussed once you have applied and been approved. Payment plans are available, but if you know my Social Media Marketing Made Simple Online Training, you know I seek affordability for my clients!


what can i expect during my vip day?

Full-day VIP sessions are four, one-hour training sessions that will break down the process and get you working towards your goals. (Half-day VIP sessions are two, one-hour training sessions) In between the one hour step-by-step training, you will be working (and being coached) one-on-one to complete the process to take control of your marketing efforts!

You will finish the VIP Day with your steps in marketing success completed and ready for results!


Who is invited to take part in the VIP Day?

VIP Days can be done with one person or a group! This is an intensive day so your participants must be committed to stay throughout the process in order for the steps to get completed and ready for implementation. We will also decide if a better fit would be to have the VIP Day on site or off site. This day will help you jump start your efforts or keep your efforts striving above your competitors!


What are you waiting for? Only two VIP Days are offered each month so Apply Today to see if this program is right for you!