Schedule Posts in Events

Something that I have wanted for a long time was the ability to schedule posts within an event. Just think about it....you have a captive audience that has marked going/interested in your event. Communicate with them. Make sure they show up. Make sure they buy tickets. Keep them informed. 

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Add Caption to Facebook Videos In a Couple Easy Steps!

Did you know 80% of people scrolling in their newsfeed have the sound off? So when your fantastic video pops up they are hearing any of it? Not good. But one thing that you can do it add captions to your videos on Facebook for FREE! {there are programs out there that you can have add caption for about $1 minute for Instagram and other platforms}

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Are You Using Facebook Ads?

If you are using Facebook ads then you may have the need to add a professional or a colleague to your Ad Account. This is the way we share our ad results and boosting with others (they cannot see it just by being a admin to your Facebook page). 

What is your biggest issue with Facebook Ads? Comment below!

A Cool Facebook Group Tip!

Are you using Facebook Groups as part of your marketing strategy? No? Well you should be but that is another blog....this is all about making it look more professional, easier to find and easier to promote!

Let me know how this tip worked for you! Comment with any questions or a challenge you are having in promoting your Facebook Group.