Bonus Content

There are so many great resources I’ve created and want to share but maybe didn’t fit anywhere in the Academy’s weekly guide.

These are some of my favorite resources, I use again and again! Bonus content for you! Here are some of the most up-to-date in social media!

3 things to do right now to prepare for the elimination of the Facebook Newsfeed

Be prepared to communicate with your fans on a different level. You need to find a way to communicate with them directly via Facebook or move the connections outside of Facebook.


Email Marketing Still Works!

Why email and what program I am loving now!

Learn strategies that will help you grow your list and create better content!

3 Reasons Content Marketing Fails

  1. lack of research

  2. Lack of a good funnel

  3. Lack of distribution

    Watch more about my take on this below.


Message Bots

Are you ready for the next big thing in Facebook Messenger?

Check out my favorite Message Bot.

Stay tuned for a big training in just message bots!

Slick Text.jpg

Text Message Marketing

Facebook changes are coming. And even if they are not, you want to get your fans to become customers.

Did you know the average person has the same cell phone number their entire lives?

Click below to check out my favorite text message marketing system.


It is never too early to start thinking of the holidays! Check out my checklist here to make sure you are ready when the rush hits!