Bonus Content

There are so many great resources I’ve created and want to share but maybe didn’t fit anywhere in the Academy’s weekly guide.

These are some of my favorite resources, I use again and again! Bonus content for you!

Image sizing

Does the different image sizes have you confused. Google and you will be told a couple different sizes per platform.

Link below for the most up-to-date list (if I update it email you and let you know—as this changes sometimes over night!)

Day 4

Day 1 we kick off our challenge with a Self Audit.

Times to Post

The number one question I get about social media is what is the best time to post. And without going into your insights and giving you a personal analysis, I can predict some per platform in the download below.

Holiday Marketing

Theses are the tips I tell my clients year after year that yield in a successful holiday season!

Facebook Ads Nonprofits

Giving Tuesday? Give Local? Annual Campaign.

Learn how to use Facebook Ads