Did You Miss the Mark when it came to last weekends Sales?

Don't let Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday lack of sales get you down! You still have time to take advantage of those shoppers and make it the best holiday season yet!

Check out my quick tips from things I observed that will make the next 25 + days of marketing a success!

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Add Caption to Facebook Videos In a Couple Easy Steps!

Did you know 80% of people scrolling in their newsfeed have the sound off? So when your fantastic video pops up they are hearing any of it? Not good. But one thing that you can do it add captions to your videos on Facebook for FREE! {there are programs out there that you can have add caption for about $1 minute for Instagram and other platforms}

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5 Ways to Give your Social Media a Boost for the Holidays!

It is that time of year again! You are either killing it right now or your waiting for your customers. If you are waiting (or even if you are killing it) then its time to show your customers all your holiday deals and specials!

Join me for these 5 quick and easy steps!

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Facebook Profile Frames Made Simple

This week's blog is all about brand awareness in using a simple (and free) tool from Facebook to get your customers to market by using it!

Create a frame at Canva.com

Are you Linked In? A new Tip from LinkedIn!

Do you message via Linkedin? The desktop has changed the game. Check out the newest update and tip to make your connections even stronger on LinkedIn. 

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