What to expect from the Social Media Marketing
Made Simple Academy



Welcome to the NEW Social Media Marketing Made Simple Academy! 

I am happy you have taken an interest in the training series I am launching in 2019. I hope you are excited to dive into the training series after seeing what the day-to-day will look like.

These items are accessible 24/7 from any device—phone, desktop, tablet.

Once you join you will get access to a Academy members only, Facebook Group, to ask questions, bounce ideas and stay up-to-date on all things social!  

Each week is outlined below. You can watch and complete an activity each day or sit down one day a week and complete the activity for the week!

Work at your own pace, of course the Academy works best when completed in 6 weeks but, you have a full year access to the Academy so you can come back and re-watch or take your time completing! 

Also to make sure you stay on top of the newest updates to the social media world, I will be making ongoing updates to the academy and I will send you monthly reminders of what I updated so you can make sure to log in and check them out! Urgent updates will be made to the Facebook Group so you will never be behind when it comes to knowing what is new on all the platforms!


Week 1: Getting started: A social media update

Academy graphic week 1.png

Week 1 will help you establish where you’ve been and where you might be showing up and gaining interest that you didn’t know about.

You'll learn:

  • How to conduct a self audit on your social media marketing.

  • Key items to get updated before you start your big push

  • What platforms you should be on for your organizations

  • How to successfully start the planning process


Week 2: Facebook and Instagram Tools


Week 2 we are diving into the 2 most popular social media platforms out there. After week 1 you should be able to confidently say, if you should be or do not need to be using, one or more of these platforms.

You'll learn:

  • Which Facebook tools are right for you!

  • Which Instagram Tools You Need to start using!

  • Ways to beat the algorithm!

  • Facebook Ads where to start and where to go next! {including custom audiences and how to install and use the Facebook Pixel function}


Week 3: Live Videos and Stories


Week 3 will learn the ends and outs of Live Videos on Facebook and Instagram and learn the tips and tricks it takes to be successful using the stories function on both platforms!

You'll learn:

  • Get the before, during and after of successful live videos and stories

  • The newest update on live videos and stories on Facebook and Instagram

  • How to integrate these features into your marketing goals


Week 4: The Power of Video Content


Knowing your tools is only half the battle. Content is king and video content is HOT! It is time to step out from behind the still photos and short concise text and into the world of 30 second (or less videos), glimpse of behind the scenes and push and plow, instant stories! Get ready to show your brand to the world!

You'll learn:

  • The easy (and free) program out there to make videos simple

  • Reasons you need to plan the before, during and after of video

  • Tools that will help you record, look professional and seamless


Week 5: Sites you need to be using


Do you ever wonder if there are some sites out there that magically make it easier for people to create good content and get it out to the masses? There is. But it isn’t magic! You'll learn:

  • Programs I use to make social media marketing simple

  • Learn how to schedule and post on the go

  • What Apps I keep on my phone 24/7

  • Free or affordable sites that allow you to work anywhere at anytime


Week 6: Putting your content to work


Content is king and for the DIY marketer it is key to success. Your tools could be outdated, and not easy to use but if your content is on point then you can still see results!

You'll learn:

  • Content Marketing Strategies

  • Access to my Content Calendar System

  • How to generate content from National Trends

  • 30 Days of Content Ideas


Are you ready to dive in?

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