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Academy Overview

Are you seeking updated resources to keep your business, your client's business or your nonprofit organization on top of all the new social media marketing practices out there? Then the Social Media Marketing Made Simple Academy is for you!

Being a part of the Academy gives you access to a library of trainings, worksheets, and checklists that have the most up-to-date information available when it comes to social media marketing!

Are you tired of being the last to know about the newest digital marketing trends?

Then join us in the 6 week Social Media Marketing Made Simple Academy!

You have access for 1 full year so you can work through the academy at your own pace! 

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6 Weeks of Content to Jump Start Your Efforts OR take them to the next level!

Want the most up-to-date social media marketing strategies and tactics? Then join the Academy! 

You will gain immediate access to the most up-to-date content that is helping organizations like your thrive on social media!

The academy has 6 weeks of on-demand video trainings, downloadable worksheets and checklists to keep your social media moving forward and helping you stay ahead of the competition! 

Education is key for your social media manager, your head employee or even your intern that is working towards updating and keeping your social media consistent. 

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In-depth videos

These on-demand, how-to videos are short, sweet and in depth on what you should be doing NOW to increase your social media marketing---all while helping you work smarter, not harder!

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The Academy is full of useful, downloadable worksheets to help you work through your social media marketing strategy. Planning leads to execution of the best social media marketing for your organization. 

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Content marketing strategies

How strategic are you being? Are you ready to take it from just posting, to being strategic about what you are planning when it comes to content on all your social platforms?

Learn easy to implement social media marketing strategy.   

exclusive facebook group

Worried about how you are going to keep the momentum going? You will get access to expert marketers 24/7 for questions and support in our closed Facebook Group. 

Join the Academy today!

The Academy completely changed the way I run the marketing for my business. Easy and simple how-to’s are the key to keeping me ahead of the competition online!
— Amber A.

What else you need you know

Who should be a part of this Academy?

The Beginner: We break it down, step by step and trainings are labeled from beginner to expert so you know where you can get started easily! Following the the week to week schedule, you can start seeing results immediately! 

The Advanced Marketer: Are you doing every little tip or trick when it comes to social media. Wouldn't you like to work less but have your boss impressed with the numbers coming in? Find the expert level trainings that will not only challenge you but help you work smarter, not harder! 

The Academy is great for business owners, marketing directors/specialist/coordinators, social media managers, nonprofits, virtual assistants, and well suited for any industry. 

How do I gain access to the Academy?

Once you register for membership with the Academy, you will immediately receive a email with the link to the Academy's 6 Week intensive training with a unique password to your account. You pay a one time fee for one year access (need it for more than one year, no worries you will have the opportunity to renew for just $10 a year!) 

What if I don't complete it in 6 weeks or have to take a week off?

Of course the Academy works the best when you can dedicate 6 whole weeks to working through the steps but, I understand, life happens! You will have unlimited access (24/7) to the resources for 1 year! Need it for more than a year? No worries, it is simple to renew for just $10 a year!

How do I watch the videos?

You can access the videos from any device, PC or mobile! Watch them on your commute, during your lunch break or before bed! Accessible anytime!  24/7.

Do I have to log in at a certain time, or do any of the training videos expire?

The Academy is designed to be on demand and fit into your schedule so you can access them  anywhere at anytime! Use the link emailed to you once you register for membership to the Academy, enter your unique password and watch, complete and download the information 24/7.  Videos will remain active until the info is obsolete and replaced with a new update!

Are there any other benefits to joining The Academy?

Absolutely! Not only do you gain immediately access to a library of resources valued over $300, you get invited to an exclusive Facebook Group full of knowledgeable marketers in a trusted and safe environment to ask questions and bounce ideas off. You also get monthly check-ins from me. This will help keep you be accountable to all the strategic marketing practices you are learning! 

Do you have any free resources to check out before I purchase the Academy?

Yes,  make sure to stop by and take advantage of my free resource page.  Don't forget to join our  free Facebook Group and take a look at my Youtube Channel for all my free video training resources! I have a 5 Day Challenge, an amazing teaser to my in-depth how to social media marketing training series, as well as my video blog that pinpoints a simple update on social media that can change the way you market!  

Start transforming your social media strategy today and join!

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Not quite ready to commit? That is okay! You can buy individual trainings in our On Demand Market! Looking for something. Feel free to reach out and I can create a training for you and your group!