5 Day Social Media Challenge

Can you believe 2019 is right around the corner?

Ask yourself this….

Did you accomplish all of your goals in 2018? No?

Are you making the money you need to run a profitable organization? Ummmmm….

Are you leaving money, resources, time or donors on the table? I don’t know.

Then this challenge is for you to kick start your marketing efforts in 2019! 

I blinked and 2018 was over.

I have a nice long business bucket list for 2019...what about you?

Do you know how to kick off 2019 on the right foot? With a 5 Day Social Media Challenge!

Don't delay the challenge is only available until Jan 31, 2018. 

Day 1 | Video | PDF Handout

Day 2 | Video | PDF Handout

Day 3 | Video | PDF Handout

Day 4 | Video | PDF Handout

Day 5 | Video | PDF Handout